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Book ID: 1141
Title Descrizione delle feste celebrate in Parma l'anno MDCCLXIX : per le auguste nozze di sua altezza reale l'infante Don Ferdinando colla reale arciduchessa Maria Amalia d'Austria
Authors [Paciaudi, Paolo ]; [Millot, Claude François Xavier (trans.)]
Year of event 1769
Event description Wedding in Parma of Ferdinando di Borbone, Duke of Parma (1751-1801), and Maria Amalia, Imperial Princess (1746-1804)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place Parma
Publication info Parma: Stamp reale; [1769?]; 2°
Illustrations 33 engravings by G. Volpato, Antonio Baratti, G. Zuliani, Paolo Maria Bossi and others after Ennemond Alexandre Petitot
Festival type Fireworks; Jousts; Mêlées; Running at the ring
Rulers Ferdinando di Borbone, Duke of Parma; Maria Amalia, Imperial Princess, Duchess of Parma
Artists Baratti, Antonio; Bossi, Paolo Maria; Petitot, Ennemond Alexandre; Volpato, Giovanni; Zuliani, Giuliano
Shelfmark BL 1899.l.6.; BL 650.c.6.; BL Tab.817.a.; BNF GR FOL- RA5- 860; BNF K- 1536; BNF PD- 94 -FOL; BNF RES- K- 326; BNF RES- K- 327 ; BNF RES- K- 328 ; V&A 100.A.29; BSB Rar. 2215
Notes Parallel Italian and French text.