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Book ID: 1090
Title Descrizione delle due Machine di Artifizio Erette in Roma nella Piazza de S.S. XII. Apostolj in occasione di presentarsi la Chinea alla Santità di N.S. Pio P.P. VI da . . . Il Sig. Don Filippo Colonna . . . ambasciatore straordinario di S.M. il Re delle due Sicilie . . . Nelle due sere de' 28, e 29. Giugno dell'Anno 1782.
Year of event 1782
Event description Fireworks in Rome for the presentation of the 'chinea' to Pope Pius VI (Giovanni Angelo Braschi -1775-1799) by Filippo Colonna, Ambassador Extraordinary of the King of the Two Sicilies.
Event type Local Festivities: Chinea, Rome
Event place Rome
Publication info Rome: Stamperia del Casaletti; 1782; 4°
Festival type Cavalcades; Fireworks
Rulers Colonna, Filippo; Pius VI (Giovanni Angelo Braschi), Pope
Artists Palazzi, Giuseppe
Shelfmark V&A Piot F 1084
Notes The 'chinea' is a ceremony of homage by the King of Naples to the Pope, which includes a cavalcade and the payment of tribute. It is medieval in origin and was held every year on the vigil of the feast of Sts Peter and Paul. The word 'chinea' comes from Old French haquenée, meaning a horse, the form the tribute originally took. The honour of presenting the 'chinea' was hereditary in the Colonna family since the beginning of the seventeenth century. The fireworks were designed and directed by Giuseppe Palazzi.