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Book ID: 2875
Title Diario pien├│ distinto del viaggio fatto a Vienna dal Sommo Pontefice Pio Papa Sesto . . .
Authors Dini, Giuseppe
Year of event 1782
Event description Journey from Rome to Vienna of Pope Pius VI (Giovanni Angelo Braschi - 1775-1799)
Event type Journeys and progresses
Event place Rome; Vienna
Publication info Rome; 1782; 4┬░
Pages 71pp
Illustrations 1 engraving on title page + 10 engraved plates incl. portraits
Festival type
Rulers Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor; Pius VI (Giovanni Angelo Braschi), Pope
Artists Bombelli, Pietro; Polanzani, Francesco
Shelfmark BL 658.k.17.(8.); BNF 4-RA5-1177
Notes See also Book ID 133.