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Book ID: 2687
Title Descriptio Pvblicæ Gratvlationis, Spectacvlorvm et Lvdorvm, in Adventv Sereniss. Principis Ernesti Archidvcis Avstriae . . . An. M.D.XCIIII. XVIII. Kal. Ivlias, aliisqve Diebvs Antverpiæ Editorvm . . .
Authors Bochius, Joannes
Year of event 1594
Event description Entry into Antwerp of Ernst, Archduke of Austria (1553-1595)
Event type Entries
Event place Antwerp
Publication info Antwerp: Ioannes Moretus for Plantin; 1595; 2°
Pages 174pp + i
Illustrations 33 engravings + 2 very ornate title pages by Pieter van der Borcht after his own designs. Some of the engravings are after M. de Vos.
Festival type Musical performances and concerts; Entries
Rulers Ernst, Archduke of Austria
Artists Borcht, Pieter van der; Vos, Maartin de
Shelfmark BL 144.g.15.; BL 1474.d.17.; BL 808.m.2.(2.); BL 808.m.3.; BL HirschI.75; HAB 17 Hist. (2); HAB Gp 2° 6 (1); HAB Gp 2° 7; HAB Ln 298 (2) 2°; HAB Microfiche 207:O-1116; BNF FB- 17015; BNF FOL- H- 1977 (2); BNF FOL- H- 2644; BNF FOL- H- 2645; BNF FOL- H- 2646; BNF FOL- OC- 1612; BNF FOL- RA11- 32; BNF OC- 1628 (2); BNF PD- 25 -PET FOL; V&A 86.G.42; V&A Piot H.0500; V&A Piot J.0506; V&A 86.G.43; V&A 86.G.44
Notes Includes a score. The copies at BL 808.m.2.(2.) and BL 808.m.3. are imperfect. The copy at BL HirschI.75 includes an inserted portrait of Ernst, Archduke of Austria.