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Book ID: 2530
Title Les triomphes, entrees, cartels, tovrnois, ceremonies, et aultres magnificences, faites en Angleterre, & au Palatinat, pour le Mariage & Reception de Monseigneur le Prince Frideric V. Comte Palatin dv Rhin . . . Et de Madame Elisabeth, Fille vniqve et Princesse de la Grande Bretagne . . .
Authors Jocquet, D.
Year of event 1612
Event description Wedding in London and Heidelberg of Friedrich V, Elector Palatine (1596-1632), and Elizabeth, Princess of England (1596-1662)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place London
Publication info Heidelberg: Gotthard Vögelin; 1613; 8°
Illustrations 9 engravings
Festival type Artillery and military salutes; Festival cars, chariots and floats; Fireworks; Masques; Musical performances and concerts; Naumachie; Pageants; Processions; Songs; Tournaments; Triumphal arches; Verses
Rulers Elizabeth, Princess of England, Queen of Bohemia; José I, King of Portugal
Artists Harnister, W. {Eng}
Shelfmark BL 605.a.27.; BL C.76.a.14.; BL G.15428.; HAB 404 Quod.(1); HAB Microfiche 1518:H2676; BNF 8- H- 14871; BNF 8- NC- 3134; BNF 8- RA9- 27; BNF M- 22593; BNF MICROFILM M- 6122; BNF YE- 24575
Notes The copies at BL C.76.a.14. and BL G.15428., and at HAB 404 Quod. (1) and HAB Microfiche 1518:H2676 lack the engravings. See Book IDs 254-256 for festivals for the same wedding in the Palatine. A digital copy of HAB 404 Quod.(1) can be found here (copy link and paste into browser address bar):