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Title The Ceremonies, Form of Prayer, and Services used in Westminster-Abby [sic] at the Coronation of King James the First and Queen Ann his Consort. Performed by Dr. Whitgift, Arch-Bishop of Canterbury . . . With the Coronation of King Charles the First in Scotland
Year of event 1603
Event description Coronation in London of James VI, King of Scotland (1566-1625), as James I, King of England, and Anna, Princess of Denmark (1574-1619), as Queen
Event type Coronations, elections and accessions
Event place London
Publication info London: Randal Taylor; 1685; 2°
Pages 20pp
Festival type
Rulers Anna of Denmark, Queen of England and Scotland; James I, King of England
Shelfmark BL 115.i.39.; BL 3406.f.21.; BL 3406.f.22.; BL 601.m.29.(2.); BSB Film R 361-410
Notes The copy at BL 3406.f.21. wants the title page. A digital copy of the edition held by the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery can be found here (copy link and paste into browser address bar):