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Book ID: 2028
Title Un sacre royal dans la cathédrale de Reims - le sacre de Louis XV
Authors Schéfer, Gaston
Year of event 1722
Event description Coronation in Reims of Louis XV, King of France (1710-1774)
Event type Coronations, elections and accessions
Event place Reims
Publication info Paris: H. Laurens; 1915; 4°
Pages 16pp
Illustrations 42 engravings
Festival type
Rulers Louis XV, King of France
Shelfmark BNF 4- G- 1314 (8) ; BNF 4- LB38- 1859; BNF 4- NF- 20198; BNF 4- RA4- 425; BNF MICROFILM M- 5574 (8) ; BNF SR91/46; BNF Z BARRES- 9201; BSB 4 Gall.rev. 100 c-1/11
Notes Many of the illustrations are reproduced from the work at Book ID 2018, which the author credits. Copy at BSB 4 Gall.rev. 100 c-1/11 is listed as published in 1916.