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Book ID: 1594
Title De adeptione Regni, consecratione, & coronatione Henrici Secundi, Francorum Regis inuictißimi, deque ingressu illius in ciuitate Rhemensi Ecphrasis . . .
Authors Chichon, Jacobus
Year of event 1547
Event description Entry into Reims and coronation of Henri II, King of France (1519-1559)
Event type Coronations, elections and accessions; Entries
Event place Reims
Publication info Paris: Mattæus David; 1547; 8°
Pages 88pp
Festival type Triumphal arches; Verses; Entries
Rulers Henri II, King of France
Shelfmark BL 9930.e.56.; BNF 4- LB31- 9; BNF LB31- 9; BNF MFICHE 4- LB31- 9